47 Hammock Street E, Wheatcroft, KY

The Wheatcroft Church was organized in October 1911, by Princeton Presbytery on property from Elijah Cullen in Wheatcroft, KY. The church is still housed in the original building built in 1912 by T. J. Perryman, Roy Hobgood, Sole Baker, and volunteers of the church. Upgrades to the church building include Sunday School rooms built in 1925, and siding and air conditioning added in 1973 and 1975, respectively.

Charter members included S. E. Quirey, C. V. Quirey, Dr. J. T. Crawford, Joe Dennis, T. J. Perryman, Dr. & Mrs. G. C. Hardin, Mrs. Stella Quirey, Rudy D. Quirey, Mrs. Fannie Reed, Mrs. Atha Skinner, Mrs. C. C. Brown, Mrs. T. J. Brown, Mrs. Maggie Garrett, Stella Wallace, Ruby Tutor, Mrs. Linnie Baird, Ida Dennis, and Mrs. Emma Owens
The church has been served by the following ministers: Rev. W. T. Oakley, 1911-1928; Rev. S. B. McNeely, 1928-1929; Rev. T. C. Boucher, 1929-1930; Rev. J. R. King, 1932-1935 and 1945-1946; Rev. Francis Phelps, 1937-1938; Rev. Wallace Rutherford, 1939-1941; Rev. A. R. Pool, 1941-1942; Rev. Ed Clover, 1942-1944; Rev. Wendell Ordway, 1945-1946; Rev. Alfred Bennett, 1949-1951; Rev. Ben McAnally, 1952-1953; Rev. Eugene Lindsey, 1954-1956; Rev. Howard Esque, Rev. Jim Hendrickson, Rev. Don Tabor, Rev. Samuel McCloud, 1970-1971; Rev. Robert Myers, 1971-1976; Rev. Bill Perkins, 1977-1980; Rev. Ray Board, 1986-1990; Rev. Jim Fulton, 1991-1996; Rev. John Shirey, 1997-2006; Rev. Dale Williams, 2006-present.

Elders serving the church include: Joe Dennis, 1914; C. C. Quirey, 1914; T. J. Perryman, 1914; C. C. Brown, 1915; J. A. Brown, 1915; J. T. McGough, 1915; Edwin Miller, 1920; Charlie Wells, 1921; Lacey Baird, 1922; Henry Price, 1925; bill Rayburn, 1926; Alton Dennis, 1926; Oscar McNeely, 1928; T. C. Gillispie, 1937; Charlie Clark, Sr., 1941; John f. Clark, 1948; Mrs. J. W. Easley, 1948; Mrs. Pearl Griff, 1948; John Garrett, 1952; Richard Farmer, 1952; Cecil Buckingham, 1956; Charlie Bob Powell, 1972; tom Markham, 1972; Williams Drennon, 1972; Charles Clark, Jr., 1977; Jerry Clark, 1979; Darrell Garrett, 1980; Donald Tribble, 1980; Ruthie Griff, 1985; Bill McKee, 1985; Pat Clark, 1991;, and Joretta Clark, 1991.

Ordained Cumberland Presbyterian ministers from the Wheatcroft Church include Lacey Baird, Jonathan Clark, John Claby Garrett, W. L. Davis, Calvin Baird, Dale Williams, and Jeff Clark. Ordained ministers from the Wheatcroft church going to another denomination include Charles Bob Powell and Cecil Buckingham.