4775 Calvert City Road, Calvert City, KY

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Vaughn's Chapel was organized October 1887, by the Rev. J. D. Kirkpatrick and elders Robert H. Rudolph and John R. Warnick, by order of Mayfield Presbytery. Located at Calvert City, Kentucky, the church had ten charter members: John R. Warnick, Terrell D. Fooks, Charley Johnston, Martha J. Harper, Sarah E. Harper, Birthie E. Johnston, Florence E. Story, Martha Weston, and T. B. Leonard.

The first meeting of the church took place on October 20, 1897, at the home of Bro. J. R. Warnick. On motion, Bro. Warnick was elected as moderator by vote of the session. Rev. D. W. Fooks was chosen as supply until April 1, 1898. The church was built in 1898. The manse was built in 1960. The Rev. Wendell Ordway and family were the first occupants.

Rev. David Hester preached at Vaughn's Chapel in April 1950, and was paid $15.00. Members of the church who became ministers are Revs. Daniel W. Fooks, Andrew D. Rudolph, Martin Peck, Archie D. Smith, Doyle Story, Clarence Smith, Sarah Harper Egner, Archie Bailey, Tommy V. Warnick, Jewell Barret, and Terry Vasseur.

Improvements that have been made through the years are: church wired for electricity, 1948; Sunday School rooms added to the original building, 1952; new pews purchased, 1954; running water installed, 1955; church was bricked, rest rooms and vestibule added and new windows installed, 1957; steeple dedicated, July 19, 1981; chimes dedicated October 1996 in memory of elder George W. Lofton and other past friends and members of the church; The Rev. Wendell Ordway Fellowship Hall was dedicated May 2004.

Ministers that served the Vaughn's Chapel Church from 1898 to 1920 were: Revs. D. W. Fooks, S. B. Rudolph, James M. Russell, E. R. Overbey, Elvis Rudolph, M. D. Jones, M. T. Nunley, M. S. Wright, and W. T. Nunley. Ministers that served the church from 1921 to 1944 were: Revs. J. E. Edwards, S. P. Tucker, S. B. Rudolph, R. T. Mitchell, E. A. Mathis, L. E. McCoy, C. H. Galaway, H. W. Covington, Warren Mounts, A. D. Smith, Lester Kesler, R. T. Mitchell, Scott Johnson, Rommie V. Warnick, Roy Shelotn, O. E. White, and Virgil Weeks. The following ministers served the church from 1945 to 1964: Revs. Martin Rudolph, James Scobey, O. D. Spence, A. G. Terry, Raymond Broyles, J. O. Lively, Allie D. Rudolph, Bert Owen, and Wendell Ordway.  Ministers that served the church from 1964 to 1997 were: Revs. Robert H. Bates, Courtney Fooks, Carroll Richards, Carlton Hatcher, Earl Roberts, Gary Whitworth, David Craig, James Lawson, Bennie Barron, and Kevin Small. Rev. Small was ordained in 1993, while pastor at Vaughn's Chapel. Rev. Louella Lively was supply pastor in November and December of 1996. Rev. Wendell Ordway returned to Vaughn's Chapel in May 1997, as pastor and is the pastor at this time, May 2011.

In 1997, the church celebrated their 100 year anniversary. Elders of the church at that time were: Billy Walker, Sam Brandon, Harry Fuller, and John Case. The Deacons were: A. D. Harris, Jr., Steve Hopkins, and Andy Mace.