1929 E. Unity Church Road, Hardin, KY

Unity CPC, located two miles west of Aurora, KY, off Highway 402 (formerly 80) was established August 27, 1866, by Charles Hatcher. It belonged to Obion Presbytery from the inception until 1882. In 1882, it began part of Mayfield Presbytery, and in 1988 became been part of Covenant Presbytery. In 1983, a fire at the home of Mac Tucker destroyed the old records of the church, thereby most of the church history has been recorded through interviews with older members of the congregation.

One of the earliest pastors of the church was W. T. Nunley. During the period of 1886-1899, he was received as a candidate by the Mayfield presbytery. We do not have the dates of his pastorate at Unity. His name also appears on the last roll of members for Mayfield Presbytery from 1905.

Unity has gone through several renovations during its history. It survived a tornado that roared through the area in 1968. The storm destroyed several homes in the neighborhood and did damage to the manse. The church and manse was eventually bricked and in 1984, a fellowship hall was added to the church.

In 1995, the evening service was turned into a recall of Unity's history. The eldest members of the church related how the preacher would come by train to Hardin and be picked up by a member on Saturday evening. After service on Sunday, they would take him back to Hardin to catch the train. They told of people coming in to Unity in horse and wagons and revivals where there was not enough room for them to sit or stand inside the church and they would be listening to the services from the parking lot. Many other interesting stories were remembered that evening.

Although there are no records available of the attending pastors of Unity prior to 1934, these are known ones and their wives who faithfully served our church: W. T. Nunley; Sam (S.B.) Rudolph, 1934-?; Eura A. Mathis and wife, Beulah, 1938-1939 and 1943-1951; Raymond Long, 1951-1953; Joe Gardner and wife, Jenette, 1954-1961; Gordon Breeding and wife, Karan, 1961-1964; L. E. Moore and wife, Dorothy, 1964-1979; James Fulton and wife, Lenna, 1979-1980 and 2000-2003; Robert Truitt and wife, Judi, 1980-1985; Raymond Hutchens and wife, Frances, 1986-1986; James Lawson and wife Carolyn, 1987-1997; Steve Guarnerous and wife, Charlotte, 1997-1999; Donnie Ragsdale, 200  -2010; Brian Hayes and wife, Debbie, 2010-