2210 Droit Road, Galatia, IL

The Union Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located 3 miles south of Galatia on the corner of Droit and Brown Roads, Galatia, IL. The church was organized August 22, 1891, at a Brush Arbor service where Kious Cemetery is located, north of the church. The Kious and Benner families each offered plots of land to build the church. The church has gone through some additions and structural changes, but still has the same basic design. For one hundred and sixteen years, generation after generation has come to Union Chapel to worship.

Charter Members were William L. Burks, Solomon Riegel, Catherine Riegel, John Benner, Eliza J. Benner, Andrew Kious, and Sarah Kious.

Charter elders were Solomon Riegel, Elias Riegel, and William L. Burks.

The following have been pastors of Union Chapel: Rev. W. Frank Gray (2 years), Rev. George Crabtree (3 years), Rev. J. M. McPheren (1 year), Rev. G. W. Williams (6 months), Rev. M. C. Brown (1 year), and Rev. Virgil Young (6 months), Rev. W. E. Davis (5 years), Rev. W. J. Sneed (3 years, 6 months), Rev. W. A. Cowgur (2 years), Rev. W. E. Davis (2 years), Rev. I. McCracken (2 years), Rev. J. W. King (1 year), Rev. A. A. Ferrell (3 years, 6 months), Rev. Ira S. Barger (1 year), Rev. M. C. Wasson (1 year), Rev. C. E. Hedges (6 years), Rev. L. C. Kesler (6 months), Rev. Lowell Earnheart (5 years), Charles Evitts (2 years), Rev. Lowell Earnheart (2 years, 6 months), Rev. George Hester ( - years, 6 months), Rev. Charles Evitts (7 years), Rev. S. C. Blackard (3 years), Rev. Frank Sanders (1 years), Rev. Troy Alexander (5 months), Rev. Lowell Earnheart (3 years), Rev. John Audd (1 year), Rev. Vola Sittig (9 years, 6 months), Rev. Rudolph Barnett (6 years), Rev. David J. Williams (11 years, 7 months), Rev. John David Tucker (6 years, 8 months), Rev. Barry Bascom (2 years), Rev. Ernest L. Donoho (15 years), Rev. David J. Williams .

Elders serving the congregation after the charter elders are: John Baker, H. D. Riegel, F. M. Knight, E. R. Cable, James Harrell, David Rapp, Jacob Henn, Alfred J. Droit, Grover Clayton, L. L. Riegel, Otto Henn, Ed Hutchiuson, James E. Allen, Regnald L. Riegel, Paul Riegel Droit, Clifton Winders, Aaron Woodiel, Robert Jones, Kenneth Allen, Herman Puckett, Larry Evans, David Arnold, Phyllis Ann (Droit) Peyton, Charles H. Malone, Farrell Davis.

Deacons who have served Union Chapel: George Benner, Mrs. N. J. Douhitt, W. A. Riegel, Emma C. Baker, John T. Upton, Lloyd Kimmel, W. E. Hutchison, Lee Allen, Ottis Upton, Allie Golliher, Arthur Brown, Robert Dale Allen, L. Earl Rapp, Aaron Woodiel, Bill McIlrath, Kenneth Allen, John C. Upton, Charles Shackleford, Herman Puckett, Brett Allen, Kenneth Jones, John Robert Jones.

Services are held at the church with Sunday School 9:30, Sunday Morning worship, 10:30, Sunday Evening Worship 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday Evening Service, 6:00 p.m.