504 N Main Street, Sturgis, KY

The present Sturgis Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a continuation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church first established in Sturgis in 1889. In 1889, Sturgis Cumberland Presbyterian Church was begun and a building erected at the corner of Ninth and Kelsey Street, still the site of the present day Presbyterian Church USA. This was a frame structure and eight years later, it burned to the ground. A new brick building was immediately begun and was completed in 1897.

Just nine years later, due to the merger of the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination with the Presbyterian Denomination in 1906, a division developed in the local church. About twenty members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church refused to go along with the merger. Because of a court ruling, the local church building at Ninth and Kelsey became the property of the Presbyterian Church.

In 1909, the present property at the corner of Fifth and Main was purchased and construction of a new building was begun. It was completed early in 1910, and the first service in the new building was held on the third Sunday in February. The dedication service was held in April 1910, during the meeting of Princeton Presbytery. The Rev. A. C. Biddle presided over the service of dedication. The cost of the new building and some furnishings was estimated at $6,150.00, of which, all but $1,000.00 was raised by the time of dedication.

Elders serving at the time of dedication of the new church in 1910 were: E. B. Jones, A. L. Horerth, John Hughes, Eugene Whitecotten, and William Wilson. Shortly after the dedication, they were joined by newly elected elders, G. B. Simpson, J. Y. Simpson, and Q. C. Quirey. The Rev. O. A. Barbee became pastor during this time and served from 1910-1913.

Two major additions were made to the 1910 building. In 1953, an educational building was constructed adjacent to the sanctuary. In 1982, a building adjacent to the educational building was purchased and remodeled for use as Sunday School rooms and church offices.

The 1910 sanctuary continued to serve the congregation until 1990, at which time it was razed and a beautiful new and enlarged sanctuary was constructed on the same site, connecting the adjacent educational building, which was enlarged, and received a new fašade matching the sanctuary. The dedication of the new church was held on Sunday, September 15, 1991, which Rev. Robert Truitt preaching the dedication sermon. The Rev. Joe Butler was serving as pastor and led in the dedication service.

The current facilities include a modern and beautiful sanctuary with a seating capacity of 350, a fellowship hall with complete and modern kitchen, fourteen Sunday School class rooms, nurseries, pastor's study, and church office. Subsequent to the 1991 building program, additional space has been acquired for parking and the parking lot paved.

Ministers serving as pastor of the Sturgis Church from 1899 until the present were: Rev. A. C. Biddle (1899-1904), J. W. Halscel (1905), H. R. Anthony (1905-09), b. L. Price (1909-10), O. A. Barbee (1910-13), T. O. Barbee (1915-18), H. M. Guynn (1918-21), E. K. Reagin (1922-24), E. B. Coleman (1925-26), Ky Cury (1926-29), J. B. McCullum (1929-30), g. G. Halliburton (1930-31), Cordis Womack (1932-36), Thomas Devore (1936-38), J. Miller Cook (1938-48), Ralph Carpenter (1949-55), Gale Keown (1956-58), Hugh Kelso (1959-61), J. C. Womack (1962-65), John Shirey (1966-78), Charles Faith (1978-81), Wayne Wiman (1981-85), Joe Butler (1985-94), Bruce Potter (1994-95), Bert Owen (1995-1999), Rebecca Salisbury (2000-   ), Victor Hassell (20    )