7220 Rose Creek Road, Nebo, KY

Where God's people go, the gospel goes also. Some time from 1816-1819, Hugh Bone and family moved from Tennessee, and settled in a desolate part of Hopkins County, Kentucky. Others moved to the same place and a small church was established. The first church building was a log house of sufficient size. Though the exact date of organization is lost in obscurity, the historical prelude of Rose Creek minutes put the year at 1819, with Rev. William Harris as the first to be called to take charge. Rose Creek Church is located on Hwy 1034, near Nebo, KY.

Camp meetings were held annually until 1859, and every member of the families that organized Rose Creek, professed religion and joined the church. From these families, three young men, Hugh Bone, Matthew Houston Bone, and Robert Hill, were called to preach the gospel and rose to eminence in the ministry of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. On April 5, 1822, rose Creek hosted the "Great Planning Presbytery" of Anderson Presbytery.

With God's blessings, Rose Creek Church grew, and in 1850, Union Church, a mission church compiled of part of the Rose Cree congregation, was built at the location now known as the Union cemetery. This church remained a separate congregation until 1865, when they were reunited under the old name of Rose Creek. After being reunited, a second church house was built on the Rose Creek tract in 1860, this was a frame building. In 1905, a third and larger frame church was erected. The congregation is now back in possession of a "mystery" quilt dated 1905, with 495 names embroidered on it. The quilt is thought to have been created as a building fundraiser.

This building burned and the fourth building was erected of block, which has since been bricked, and additions and improvements have been added. This building was dedicated December 4, 1949. Through the years, the congregations of Rose Creek have been blessed and still worship at the same location of the original one-acre, with other tracts of adjoining land added over time. Through the faces have changed over the years, Rose Creek's goal, as it has been from the beginning, is to show the love and preach the redemptive power of Christ to the lost around us.

The Pastors that have served at Rose Creek are: Rev. William Harris, James Johnson, Aaron Shelby, Silas Davis, Rev. S. L. Edgar, Robert P. Hill, Thomas Bone, Rev. J. F. Messick, Cyrus Graham, W. H. Browning, T. Rawlings, Rev. W. W. Wynn, Rev. C. L. Woodruff, J. R. King, J. T. Barbee, C. R. Lee, J. Miller Cook, Hugh Watson, C. C. Miller, F. A. Grunday, W. H. McLeskey, M. C. Powers, W. H. McLuskey, Frank Alexander, W. C. McConnel, S. B. McNealey, G. G. Halliburton, C. C. Boutcher, J. L. Mitchell, Ray Wigginton, L. E. Baird, G. F. Phelps, G. A. Hester, Charles Faith, 1950-1953, R. T. Mitchell, 1953-1958, W. O. Tally, 1958-1960, Donald W. Nunn, 1960-1062, Chester E. Cannon, 1963-1983, Tom Blevins, 1984-1988, Sam LeVert, 1988-1991, J. C. Womack, Hershell Schnider, 1992-1993, Paul Stone, 1994 -