335 Providence Road, Carriers Mills, IL

Providence Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized by Rev. F. M. Gray, December 31, 1871. The following people were received as charter members: Elijah Tanner, and wife, Elizabeth S. Tanner; Nancy J. Tanner; T. E. Tanner; and Eliza L. Tanner. They believed they could better promote the cause of religion and secure their own spiritual growth in grace.

A session was held under the direction of Bro. Elijah Tanner and Bro. James Howe of the congregation. Bro. Tanner was elected to the office of Ruling Elder. The little flock was taken under the care of Ewing Presbytery at its session at Omaha in Gallatin County, Illinois, in the spring of 1872.

During the years of 1872-1873, the congregation, with the liberal assistance of friends, succeeded in erecting a neat and comfortable 24x37 feet church.

In the fall of 1874, the little flock enjoyed a revival meeting conducted by Bro. Eliku Watkins and F. M. Gray with 40 professions of faith and 20 added to the church. In the fall of 1876 a revival conducted by Bro. James Howe, T. N. Martin, and Joseph Martin resulted in thirteen professions and thirteen added to the church.

In 1877, another revival conducted by Bros. R. W. Perdue and Z. L. Walker was held and there were 36 professions and 26 added to the church.

In 1933, Rev. R. Reid held a revival under a brush arbor at Providence and there were 93 conversions.

The church burned in 1930, and wasn't rebuilt until 1935.

This little band from December 31, 1871, with those that have been added through the years have shown their "faith" by their "works". Through them, the hearts of many have been made glad. They have grown to be self-sustaining church with a membership of ninety-three. "To God Be All the Glory both Now and Forever."

Pastors from 1871 to 1878 were: T. M. Gray, James Howe, Eliju Watkins, R. W. Perdue, and A. T. Walker. The following were pastors of the church from 1879-1935: E. D. Watkins, F. M. Gray, Re. Eliku Watkins, Rev. Z/. T. Walker, Rev. W. F. Sneed, Rev. Joe Hudgins, Rev. Frank Gill, Rev. M. E. Morse, Rev. A. G. Organ, Rev. M. M. Roberts, Rev. William Davis, Rev. Cowger, Rev. D. D. Morse, Arnold Barger, and Rev. Slankard.

The following were pastors at the Providence Church from 1935-2001: Rev. Earnheart; 1935, Rev. C. E. Hedges; 1936, Rev. E. T. Murphy; 1937, Rev. John Phillips; 1940, Rev. Mitchell; 1944, Rev. Joe Rose; 1951, Rev. Harold Clark; 1952, Rev. Bill Stacey; 1952, Rev. Charlie Evetts; 1952, Rev. Eddie Thein; 1955, Rev. Ernie Overstreet; 1958, Rev. Lucille Hill; 1960, Rev. David J. Williams; 1964, Rev. Granviel Hill; 1970, Rev. Lucille Hill; 1971, Rev. Ernie Overstreet; 1975, Rev. Charlie White; 1977, Toy Brindley; 1994, Mark Finnie; 1996, Rev. Charlie White; 2001-2.