4540 Odgen Colvin Circle, Bandana, KY

Pleasant Valley Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located about three miles north of Bandana, Kentucky, on Ogden Landing Road, at a little settlement originally called "Ogden". It is now known as Needmore.  It was organized about 1857, and held services in a one-room school house that was located in the corner of what is now the church lot.

Charter members of the church were: Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Hiriam Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Abram Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins witty, Mr. and Mrs. Hill Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Haymond Penn, Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Titsworth, and Mr. and Mrs. Brockman. There may have been others that are not shown on the existing records.

The first pastor of the church was Rev.  A. Leonard. The governing body of the church is the Session, which is comprised of the board of elders. The first elders were Wily Rudolph, Dave Rudolph, Haymond Penn, Harrison McKinney, and Hawkins Witty.

In 1882, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McKinney deeded one acre of ground off the east corner of their farm to Pleasant Valley Cumberland Presbyterian Church and North Ballard Lodge #537, F&AM. The church and the Masonic Lodge together built a two-story frame building with the lodge owning the second floor.

In 1910, North Ballard Lodge deeded their interest to Pleasant Camp 13091, M. W. A. Lodge (Woodman).

In 1932, the old building was torn down and the present building constructed. Brother Joe C. Gardner was pastor at that time. He resigned October 1932, when the building was completed.  In 2011, the church still has a full-time pastor, April Watson. The present elders are William Kilby and Joe Young.

The following is a list of pastors who have served the church. This list may not be complete, as some of the records were destroyed, covering the beginning to the year 1925: Reverends: A. Leonard, S. A. Hicks, A. D. Rudolph, S. B. Rudolph, R. T. Mitchell, Wayne Wiman (1928), C. C> Clements, Roy Shelton, Courtney Fooks, Mace Jett, Jean Richardson, Charles Shelton, Charles Newbold, L. C. Kesler, O. E. White, L. E. Moore, Hudson London, A. J. Terry, Billy Allcock, Martin Rudolph, and Vernon C. Murphy; Licentiates: Stuart dyer, Marlin Finley, Jason Logan, Mitch Boulton, Daniel Barkley, and April Watson.

Elders that have serve the church include: R. M. Green, C. E. (Eck) Rudolph (43 years), c. E. Winters, Woodfin Hudson, W. C. Titsworth, Harper Titsworth, Ewing Rudolph, C. E. Lindsey, H. E. Moore, R. C. Overstreet, E. B. Penn, Polard Elliott, Ord Rudolph, Ray Toombs, John Haskins, Linn Calahan, Arthur Young, Harley Fondaw, Sylvester Blaine, Morris Rudolph, Preston Bugg, Hubert Titsworth, Albert Chandler, Pete Chandler, Billie Jackson, Wilson (Gene) Kinsey, James Purvis, Joe Young, James Blaine, Lynn McCutchen, William Kilby, and Reno Bodell.

This History was compiled by Mrs. Morris (LeElla) Rudolph.