9104 US Highway 68W, Calvert City, KY

Oakland Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located in rural, northwest Marshall County, KY. The church and grounds reflect a picturesque setting on several acres containing large oak trees. The church was organized in 1853 (based on a building inscription) and founded on the principles "Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of the world". Oakland was first mentioned in the Obion Tennessee Presbytery in 1860.

A land grant for the present location was purchased from the Lackey family in 1880. It is recorded that Mary Jane Lackey, consort of James Lackey, deceased, together with Amanda Week, S. O. Lackey, J. N. Lackey, and U. K. Lackey bodily heirs of the deceased James Lackey, "because of their love for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church" and $30 sold the church the tract of land for the current site with the deed stipulation that it is to be held in trust by the elders of the church and their successors.

Before that time, the members shared various building locations with neighboring church families. It is remembered by some that they originally worshiped with the Methodist Church members in a building called Reid's Chapel which stood in the neighborhood of Orin Miller Boulevard. A history of Oakland Methodist church states that the same Bible was used by both congregations. Later, Rev. Daniel W. Fooks and his wife gave Oakland a new Bible in memory of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Rudolph. The Reid's Chapel Building burned about 1875, and after the fire, the Methodist church sold their interest in what remained to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Later a frame structure was built near the Oakland Cemetery. It was destroyed by fire, rebuilt, and destroyed by fire again in 1878. After the building burned the second time, the Bulnois Shop was utilized for church services (present site of Sharpe Elementary School.)
Finally, as earlier stated, the Lacky family provided the land for the future site of Oakland Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

The church cemetery has graves of past members and friends dating to the middle 1880s.

The early church offered Worship Services, Sunday school, a Young People's Society of Christian endeavor, and a Woman's Missionary Society. Early ruling elders included W. B. Walters, James Lackey, and Ewing Dishman.

The first known pastor was Rev. T. S. W. Russell, who was employed at a salary of $15 two days a week for a period of six months. Oakland claims the privilege of hosting forty-two pastors from 1859-2007, with several serving multiple times. Five of those ministers have the esteemed Rudolph name. Other famous Oakland pastors include: J. D. Kirkpatrick, Courtney Fooks, John Shirey, and Wayne Wiman. Present membership is approximately 100.

The present sanctuary was constructed in 1936. Additional Sunday School rooms and fellowship hall were constructed in 1969-70.
The bell tower and steeple were remodeled in 2004-05. The ringing of the bell is a Sunday morning tradition.