Off Highway 80 North of Murray, KY

North Pleasant Grove was established from part of a group that organized the Salem Society of Friends of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church located one mile west of Kirksey, KY. No records remain of this society, therefore we cannot know when it was formed or ceased to function.

Some legal records show that some who were in the church paid taxes in the district in 1830. It has been said and handed down that this was the first Presbyterian Church west of Hopkinsville, KY.

In 1859, a small group of people that believed the doctrine of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and desired a place to worship together obtained permission to use a little log school building for meetings. That site is located mile from the present location of North Pleasant Grove Church.

Family names of those of those who organized North Pleasant Grove include: Rupel, Gingless, Robinson, Jones, Patterson, Graves, Roberts, Jenson, Graham, Clark, Warwick, Wilson, and Matherson.

On September 22, 1860, the church petitioned Obion Presbytery which was in session at Mayfield, KY to be admitted to the Presbytery. North Pleasant Grove was accepted into Obion Presbytery. Rev. J. C. Webb was called as the first pastor. Session records date back to 1860. The second building structure was built between 1860 and 1900.

On October 1940, the church session voted to put 10% of the general fund offering into a building fund for what would become the third building named North Pleasant Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In 1949, the contributions and offerings were sufficient enough to build a new church building. A basement was first used for meetings and worship. Later, the auditorium was constructed and finished. This structure is still used for worship today.