1159 Mt. Zion Road, Dongola, IL

There were Cumberland Presbyterians living in his area before Illinois became a state. The people of the community acted as we are taught in Acts 16:13, if there is no place to worship, make a place. This need was met in a combined effort to improve a small building in 1889, for a place for the people to worship. Believing it to be necessary that all bodies should be bound together by some form of government, a Constitution was adopted by a committee consisting of Nathaniel Earnhart, Charles Goodman, and C. C. Rhymer. This church shall be known as the Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church on Union County, Illinois. The organization of Sabbath School took place3 in July 1889, with the Rev. E. H. Kitch in charge.

It became difficult to obtain a minister of the Lutheran faith. Church members began to talk to Rev. J. A. Hill, a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister about the doctrine of the Cumberland Presbyterian. A letter was sent to Rev. Hill dated July 17, 1909, stating that they had been cut off from the Evangelical Lutheran Denomination and earnestly petition to organize into a Cumberland Presbyterian body of church.
On September 18, 1909, report of session meeting with W. T. Harris and John McIntosh, gave a report of the Illinois Presbytery meeting which was held at Camp Ground Church, the Rev. J. S. Hill acting Moderator. July 1, 19010, the session entered into a contract with Rev. Hill. Copy of transfer of deeds to the Cumberland Presbyterians was dated April 18, 1910. The rev. Hill served the church 1909 until 1921.

The Rev. Wasson began serving the church, services were held on Saturday night, Sunday morning, and Sunday night of the first and third weekends.

In August 1950, Earl Roberts made public his call to the ministry. He agreed to come to Mt. Zion on the second and fourth Sundays to hold services. He continued this arrangement until March 1952, when he entered Bethel College. In May 1954, dedication of a full basement was held.

In 1962, Camp Ground Church was without a minister; their session met with the Mt. Zion session to work out a plan to share a minister. Mr. Cecil Keller was elected moderator of the joint meeting; the Rev. W. O. Tally was called. In February 1962, a parsonage for the minister was purchased; in September 1972, the manse was sold. The Rev. Troy Alexander was pastor from December 1968 -December 1970. After Rev. Alexander retired, the church thought it best to dissolve the relationship with Camp Ground Church because it had become difficult to obtain a minister to move on the field.

On September 11, 1972, the Rev. Lester C. Kesler became pastor and served the church for three years. The church enjoyed projects and activities. In June 1975, steel siding was put on the exterior of the church building. In 1991, it was proposed that a bell be purchased and installed. The pastor in April 2007 was Dare Aden.