16647 State Route 109, Sullivan, KY

At the time Mt. Pleasant Cumberland Presbyterian Church was in the old Anderson Presbytery, it was located on a ridge of the Providence-Caseyville Road, a mile north of Sullivan, KY.

The Church was of the pre-Civil War type construction. It had two broad doors in front and a small window over each door. One door was for the women and one door for the men. The church was the general meeting place for the community with a lodge house in the loft and a schoolhouse located nearby.

In 1886, the Railroad brought a new era to the county. The people of the church felt the need to move closer to where the people were. In 1898, a committee was appointed to get the voice of the members of the church in regard to building a new church in Sullivan. The Pastor at this time was G. L. Woodruff. On December 5, 1898, it was voted to build a new church in Sullivan. The building committee was appointed and the deed for the new church was made and entered into on February 8, 1899, between J. M. McGraw, J. S. McGraw and his wife, and the elders of the Mt. Pleasant C. P. Church, J. F. Quirey, J. M. McGraw, G. I. Berry, William Berry, C. W. Quirey, J. M. Quirey, and J. M. Cain.

Three parcels of land were conveyed, the first parcel to be used as a church lot, the second parcel to be used as a pass way from the church to the graveyard. The church was to be built, the graveyard to be fenced, and graves laid off, all within two years. If this was not done on time, then the deed would be null and void.

The church was built and in the summer of 1961, an annex was added to the north end of the church. The new addition consisted of a semi-basement, which is used as a kitchen and social room. Sunday School rooms are located in a second story. The new building was dedicated the first Sunday in September 1961.

The Sanctuary was remodeled in 1966. New carpet, stained-glass windows and pews were installed. A pastor's study and a Sunday School room were added to make the church more modern.

Throughout its history, Mt. Pleasant has been rich in generations of Elders. The White family goes back four generations, Edmond White, John White, Jack White, Bob White, and Rich White. The Cowan family goes back three generations, Alfred Cowan, Albert Cowan, Jim and Harvey Cowan.

On October 19, 1999, a 100 Year Celebration was held with Bro. Bill Darnell given the Welcome and guest Speakers, former pastors of the church.

Former pastors of Mt. Pleasant were: James Thomas Barbee, William W. Wynn, G. L. Woodruff, J. F. Price, W. T. Oakley, H. M. Gyan, F. L. McDowell, J. Miller Cook, Alfred Bennett, H. W. Daughterey, Paul Ray Trout, Joe Farmer, Morris Clark, Ray Wigginton, Eugene Lindsey, Bro. Herndon, John Shirey, Pat burns, Robbie Truitt, Claby Garrett, Herschel Schneider, James Fulton, Charles Westfall, Wendell Ordway, Junior Martin, bill Darnell, and Bro. Dale Williams, pastor, April 2007.

While Mt. Pleasant is small, it is rich in tradition. We hope that for many generations the little church on the hill will be a beacon to all Christians. May God bless all who enter her doors.