11410 Mt Carmel Road, White Plains, KY

In the early nineteenth century, a group of twelve citizens of Hopkins County, Kentucky, had a deep interest in the promotion of the Redeemer's Kingdom. They were pleased with the system of doctrines embraced in the Cumberland Presbyterian Confession of Faith.
In 1839 they sent a petition to Anderson Presbytery asking for a minister to be sent to organize them into a "society", the name of which would be Mt. CARMEL Society. They also desired that when organized the new society be taken under the Presbyery's care and provided with supply pastors.

Anderson Presbytery sent Rev. Adlai Body to organize the society. Upon finding that two of the petitioners were regular ordained leaders in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, he directed these leaders to take oversight and management of the Mt. Carmel Society. David Berry was ordained to the ministy in 1879 and Elder Goad's youngest son, A. L. Goad, entered the ministry in 1874.

Soon after the organization, the plot of ground upon which the church stands was donated to the trustees of Mt. Carmel Church by Mark Shelby or Shelby County, Kentucky. It consisted of three-quarters of an acre. An additional two acres of land was donated by Mr. Shelby in 1870. A cemetery was started at the rear of the church in 1961 on additional acreage given to the church for that purpose.

From the organnization until 1843, the Mt. Carmel congregation met for worship during the summer months under a brush arbor called the "Avenue". During the winter months services were held in the homes of the members. The trustees of the school district No. 6 gave permission for services to be held in the school house from 1843 to 1871. In 1871 a two-story building was erected. It was constructed in connection with the Masonic Lodge, which owned and controlled the second story. Many outstanding men have pastored the flock. Some pastors in the history of the church are: J. R. King, O. D. Spence, L. E. Baird, A. R. Poole, Ray Wiggington, J. E. Durbin, Charles Hedrix, Guy Moore, J. L. Mitchell, Martin Rudolph, James Taylor, and James Fulton. The current pastor is John Shoulta, whose wife Brenda is a descendant of organizing minister Adlair Boyd.

There have been many changes since the organization of the church. It has grown from a "fourth-time" to a full time church. The structure has been renovated tearing away the upper story and adding rooms for educational purposes. A ground level fellowship hall has been build in the past few years, replacing the old one in the church basement. The last came when the church and fellowship hall were connected for additional Sunday School rooms. In addition improvements to the building, a manse has been erected on ground to accommodate a fulltime pastor. There have been many changes in the church since 1839; it has gone from being part of Anderson Presbytery, to Princeton, to present day Covenant Presbytery; from Kentucky Synod to Synod of Midwest, and General Assembly; We have a Women's group, praise team, and active youth group. We are proud of our history, excited about our future, and the work for the Lord, here in White Plains, KY.