3760 Metropolis Lake Road, West Paducah, KY

September 4, 1900 was Founders Day at Milburn Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The church laid great stress upon the "Whosoever Will" gospel. The church was organized following a brush arbor meeting which took place about a mile and a half south of the Fisher School. Rev. William Thomas Millburn of Pryorsburg, Kentucky was evangelist for the brush arbor meeting. He also organized the church and became the first pastor. Because of this, the church was named after him. 

Until the church was completed in 1901, the congregation met at the Fisher School. Worship services were only once a month, though Sunday School was held every Sunday. The church was organized with twenty charter members.

During the fall of 1900, Bob Wright and John Blalock donated a tract of land for the church building site. The land was located on Fisher and Hinkleville Road about ten miles from the city limits of Paducah, Kentucky. The same year, a frame building was begun. Men of the church supplied the labor. In March 1901, before the building was enclosed, a storm blew it down. The storm was so severe that parts of the decking were blown as far as Metropolis, Illinois. Immediately the construction resumed. 

In 1902, the congregation entered the newly constructed frame building which was thirty-three feet by fifty-five feet. Records reveal that indebtedness was paid and the church was dedicated on the third Sunday in October 1902. Electric lights were installed in 1938. Before this improvement, lamps were hung from the ceiling as the lighting system. At the beginning of each service, someone had to climb upon a ladder and light the kerosene lamps. The church went to two Sunday services a month or halftime, in May of 1944. The old church built in 1901 received new exterior siding in the spring of 1946. In April 1947, under the direction of Rev. Johnson, the church began preaching services every Sunday. 

The fellowship hall, or recreation hall, was a project of the young people. It was approved by the elders in 1952. The youth raised money to build the building by having community singings. It was built in 1954 under the direction of Mr. Ray Dillworth. The total cost just of the building was $18,075.

In May 1962, the building committee was given authority to proceed with a contract for the educational building, size thirty-two feet by sixty-eight feet. It was to have seven classrooms and two restrooms. 

The building committee was authorized on March 11, 1963, to negotiate with the low bidder, Mr. Fred Case, Jr., on the construction of a new sanctuary. The old church was auctioned off and sold in parts. While the new church was being constructed, services were held in the fellowship hall. Groundbreaking services were held on June 2, 1963, with Rev. Allie D. Rudolph officiating. Mr. Jess Hester, the oldest member, turned the first spade of dirt for the new church. The first service was held in the new church on October 20, 1963

On October 12, 1997, the session of Milburn Chapel voted unanimously in favor of relocating Milburn Chapel to a parcel of ground that was given to the church in the 80's by Gov. Julian Carroll. At the following spring meeting of Covenant Presbytery, the session submitted a report seeking permission to sell the church and to relocate the church to the current property. Permission was granted by the presbytery to do such.

The planning stages were put into motion and the work began. How large should the new church be? What will the total cost amount to and how would the money be raised? There actually was no real answer to the many questions that lay before the church. The church entered into a campaign named "Find Us Faithful" as a fund raiser of which proved to be the foundation of the new church as the years went by.

In the summer of 2004, Roby Kight told of a visit to his home church where he was raised and how they had built a beautiful new church. He was amazed with the overall cost of the building. This prompted the session to make a trip to Roby's home church. The church was very impressive and renewed the desire to move forward at Milburn Chapel.

After meeting with a representative from Crown Building, a decision was made to purchase the building and hire ABCO to build the church. The ground work began in the fall of 2004 and was completed in December 2006. The first service in our present building was the last Sunday of 2006. What was a vision of Milburn Chapel in 1997 became a reality in 2006. The new facility was dedicated on January 13, 2008. We know our "God" can do anything in "His" time frame. What "He" has done stands at 3760 Metropolis Lake Road in West Paducah, Kentucky.