224 W Bellville Street, Marion, KY

The Marion First Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in November 1881 with a fellowship of 25 persons.

A request for admission was presented to the Princeton Presbytery on April 4, 1889, in a petition signed by 40 people. The church was established on the fifth Sunday night in October 1889.

When the petition was granted by Princeton Presbytery, a committee consisting of Rev. B. F. Watson, Rev. M. E. Chappel, and Rev. James Price, was appointed to organize the new church on North College Street.  Early family names include: Adams, Lamb, Crider, Steele, Haynes, Cruse, Powell, Newcom, Doles, Minner, Jacobs, and McNeely. Rev James Price was the first pastor.

From records of minutes dated January 8, 1895, the congregation then purchased a lot located on the northeast corner of Main and East Depot Streets from Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Wilson. The purchase price was $1900.

In February 1896, G. F. Jennings was appointed to superintend the carpentry work on the church and he was allowed $2 a day for his services. In late summer 1899 the brick church building was completed on the new lot. (That building became Presbyterian USA property in 1906. It was used many years, but was torn down in 1968.)

In 1906 about 25 members of the original Cumberland Presbyterian congregation refused to recognize the union with the Presbyterian USA and thus separated themselves from the Marion Presbyterian USA Church.

Following the separation in 1906 there are no records where the resigning members worshipped.  However, the new Marion First Cumberland Presbyterian Church was formally organized on February 5, 1908. The records show the following names as charter families: Asher, Bibb, Cannon, Givens, Heath, Lamb, McDonnell, Olive, Stewart, Travis, and Wheeler. Rev. W. T. Oakley was the pastor.

On March 4, 1908, the congregation purchased a small white frame church building on the south side of West Salem Street (now West Bellville Street). Some residents remember being told that they worshipped previously, in the building now being occupied by the First Christian Church, located across the street from the present location.

Later, a brick building was constructed on West Bellville Street and is our present location for worship.

Records of the church from 1908 to 1926 cannot be located. Some think the records were burned.

The first manse was built on North College Street. Later, a new brick home was built on West Bellville Street.

The church continues a full time ministry.