1526 Park Avenue, Paducah, KY

Paducah Cumberland Presbyterians purchased Lot 124 on South Third Street between Washington and Clark Streets and built a church building in 1849.  It was incorporated by the State of Kentucky on March 31, 1851. The first pastor was Russell M. Searcy. The Paducah Male High School also met in the church where young men studied rhetoric,m math, astronomy, chemistry, Latin, and Greek. The Rev. R. H. Harrison came to the church and school in 1854 as pastor and school superintendent. That property was sold to Dr. Reuben Saunders in 1884. The doctor's daughter, Mamie, was the mother of Paducah humorist Irvin S. Cobb, who was born on the site.

The church members met in various places until 1888 when they rented a hall at Seventh and Court Street (now Kentucky Avenue). While worshipping there they bought a 57 x 173 feet lot on July 31, 1890, at the corner of Sixth and Kentucky Avenue to construct a new building. This property went to the Presbyterian U.S.A. denomination in the partial union of the two denominations in 1906-07. The portion of the congregation that completed the merger retained the church building and is now the Westminster Presbyterian Church at 28th and Broadway.

Approximately 50 members desired to remain with the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination and worshipped at the McCracken County Court House. They later rented Roger Hall at Twelfth and Broadway. In July 1908, they bought a Methodist Church at 1051 Fountain Avenue. The Rev. D. W. Fooks was the first pastor at that site. When the street was renamed Park Avenue the name of the church was changed accordingly.

During the Ohio River flood of early 1937, people found refuge in that church. Elder Dee Cook and some other men built a boat inside the church to take people to the edge of town beyond the flood waters. On November 28, 1937, fire destroyed the church building. The congregation then secured the Whittier School at Twelfth and Faxon Street (now Northview Street) for a temporary place of worship. On December 20, 1937, Gus Hank gave the church a lot at 1526 Park Avenue where his home had been before being destroyed by fire during the flood earlier in the year. A basement was completed by October 2, 1938, and the name fo the church was changed to Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberland Presbyterian Church in memory of the donor's wife.

The Rev. T. E. Bright was the pastor at the time and under his leadership the present sanctuary was completed on may 17, 1942. In 1964 a three-story education annex was added under the pastoral direction of the Rev. E Thach Shauf. Adjacent properties were purchased including the Calvary Baptist Church giving the church almost an entire city block for its use. A Christian Life Center was built in 1993 under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Craig Martindale, which complete the current church facilities.

Additional pastor information follows:
Rev. Bert Owen, Supply Pastor - 2002                                                                                                 
Rev. Patrick Kelly, Associate Pastor - 11/2002 - 12/2003
Rev. Clayton Beasley, Associate Pastor - 09/2006 - 12/2007
Rev. David West, Pastor - 04/2005 - 11/2007
Rev. Chris Fleming, Pastor  - 04/2008 -  11/2018