Highway 291, Dalton, KY

The Macedonia Cumberland Presbyterian Church, located on Hwy 291, Dalton, KY, was organized in the Anderson Presbytery, it is thought, about 1866, just after the Civil War. In 1898 the boundaries of the Presbyteries were redrawn and Princeton Presbytery comprised much of the area originally included in Anderson Presbytery.

Macedonia Church has a deed for the ground on which the church stands dated May 1868. The deed is on record in Hopkins County Court House, Madisonville, KY, Deed Book 29, Page 1.

In the early days of the church one-fourth time pastorates for the small churches and one-half time for the larger ones were common. The roads were dirt and mud and this was a factor for Sunday School being disbanded in the winter months. Year around Sunday School grew as the modes of travel improved.

Records show the following ministers were pastors at Macedonia from 1881-1904: Rev. James Messick, 1881; Rev. J. B. Lowery, 1882-1883; Rev. J. L. Price, 1885-1888; Rev. W. W. Wynns, 1888-1889 and 1873; Rev. M. F. Gill, 1890, Rev. J. L. Price 1891-1892 and 1899; Rev. B. F. McMican, 1900; and Rev. J. B. Lowrey, 1904.

In a session dated September 15, 1900, Sister Carrie Rea was nominated to serve as a deacon. Women have been prominent workers in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church all through its history.

The church went through a period of inactivity from 1904 until 1915. The following two factors contributed tot his inactivity, a union Sunday School with the Baptist Church, located across the road, and the Macedonia church was held 1882-1890. Many of the younger members of the Macedonia Church went to the Baptist Church. Second, the attempted union of 1906 (Presbyterian Church) had a divisive effect on Macedonia.

From 1915-1921, the Macedonia Church began a reorganization and rebuilding period. With Rev. W. h. Watson as moderator, the session met August 4, 1915 and voted to raise $115.00 to repair the church building. Following the August 4 meeting, the church building was torn down to the foundation and rebuilding stared on the old foundation. Some services were held while it was being finished inside. Rev. C. T. Boucher served as revivalist, pastor and peace maker contributing revitalization that was needed during this period.

In 1920 ten people joined the church, making 25 active resident members. Rev. C. T. Boucher was employed as pastor.

Beginning in 1921, the church regularly had pastors and moved into the various phases of church work. In 1935 the church lot was enlarged and an addition to the building was made in 1936. In 1953, a basement was added, providing more space for Sunday School and social activities.

Two young men from the church have entered the ministry, Houghston R. Peyton in 1937 and Donald P. Hubbard in 1954.

Pastors that have served Macedonia Church:1921, Revs. C. T. Boucher; 1932-35, H. M. Vanhooser; 1932, J. R. King; 1924-27, McConnell; 1928, G. F. Carter; 1929-30, C. Womack; 1935, L. E. Baird; 1936-38, H. Howard; 1939, J. B. Sparks; 1940, J. D. Phelps; 1941-43, A. R. Pool; 1944-45, G. F. Phelps; 1946-49, Guy Moore; 1949-1950, Charles Faith; 1951-54, Morris Clark; 1954-56 and 1970, W. O. Talley; 1958-59, G. Breeding; 1960-61, D. Tabor; 1962-63, e. A. Mathis; 1964, S. McCloud; 1965-68, Chester Cannon; 1969 and 1981, Burl Mattingly; 1971-74, W. H. Pettit; 1975-80, Billy Adams; 1982-83, John Shoulta and Loyce Estes.

The records show that Macedonia has always been a small church. Even so, it has left an imprint on the community and provided spiritual growth and opportunity for Christian service in many lives.

The church building was destroyed by fire in the early morning hours of December 26, 2006; during the time of constructing a new building, the congregation shared the Baptist Church, across the road.  The congregation  was able to celebrate with worship in their new debt free building August 10, 2008.