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When the state of Kentucky was less than 50 years old, Webster County was still part of Hopkins County and the local Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was Anderson rather than Princeton, a new church was organized in the village of Lisman named Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The church is approximately 168 years old, but it is difficult to determine an accurate date of organization, because of differing sources of information.

One source is a clipping from a 1902 issue of the Providence enterprise, describing the dedication of the present building on November 9, 1902. That clipping provided by Mrs. Pearl Sugg, 1947, gives the following historic sketch of the early church.
    "Shiloh Church was organized in 1836, probably by the Rev. George McClain, one of its first pastors. It was organized in the Shiloh Schoolhouse, which then stood in the midst of a deep forest. The original members were Edwin and Mary Rice, James and Elizabeth Rice, Thomas and Betsy Price, Jack and Polly Johnson and John Skinner. (Polly Johnson, Mary and Elizabeth Rice were all daughters of Noah and Macy Godwin Early Nichols.) Shortly thereafter, James and Sara Baker, William and Mary Rice Lisman, and Axion Skinner joined the church. There have been three church houses - the first built in 1848, the second in 1881, and third in 1902. This last building cost about $3500."

Another source of information, a book by Minerva Bone Bassett entitled "Some Webster County Families" states that the Shiloh church was organized under a shed in 1843 by Rev. Frazier and named the same charter members as those previously mentioned. A few years later, approximately 1848, the shed was replaced by a log structure. This was later replaced by a frame building, approximately 1860. In 1902, the present frame structure was built and occupied until 1906. For consideration of $5.00, on September 30, 1850, Edward Rice deeded to the trustees of the Shiloh congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1 acres of land, including the church shed and graveyard.

It is probable there was a fellowship of Cumberland Presbyterian believers much earlier. As old record book of Shiloh Presbyterian U.S.A., dates the original congregation back to 1820. Minutes of session meetings and membership rolls are available from 1888 to present, except for the years 1900 to 1922. It is believed these were destroyed in a home fire. Present members whoa re descendants of the charter members are Warren B. Miller, Jean Stull, Billy L. Blankenship, and Patricia Warren.

The name was changed from Shiloh to Lisman by vote of the congregation in 1949. In 1906, there was a denomination-wide effort to unite the Cumberland Presbyterian and Presbyterian U.S.A. congregations. Some members of this church chose to remain Cumberlands, and some united with the U.S.A. denomination. There was a court battle over the property in Ky. The Presbyterian was awarded possession. So the Cumberlands built a new building at the location of the new cemetery and there continued to be two Presbyterian churches in Lisman until 1940. At that time, the two congregations decided it was advantageous for them to unite as a Cumberland Presbyterian body and occupy this building. The other church was sold and moved away.

The local church supports and participates in denominational programs at all levels and has a history of giving valuable experience and encouragement to young candidates as they prepared for ordination. A number of elders and members have served on boards and agencies of Princeton Presbytery and Kentucky Synod. In the 1950s the school house across the road was purchased from Webster County Board of Education by Virginia Pritchett and presented to the church to be used as a Community Center in memory of her late husband, J. B. Pritchett.

Former Pastors for the church are: Rev. Frazier, 1843-1848; George mcClain, 1848-1855; W. M. Brown, 1855-1860; Bone, 1860-1869; J. F. Price, 1895-1907; W. T. Oakley, 1907-1918; H. M. Guynn, 1991-1921; C. C. Miler, 1921-1921; F. A. Grundy, 1922-1924; James McLeakey, 1924-1925; R. D. Burres, 1925-1926; H. H. Hunter, 1926-1926; L. E. Baird, 1927-1929; G. F. carter, 1931; F. L. McDowell, 1931-1931; G. F. Phelps, 1932-1934; J. L. Mitchell, 1934-1935; L. E. Baird, 1936-1940; H. R. Peyton, 1940-1941; R. T. Mitchell, 1941-1944; A. R. Poole, 1944-1946; R. E. Esch, 1947-1947; Mable Esch, 1947-1047; Wallace Bennet, 1947-1947; W. O. Parr, 1947-1949; R. T. Mitchell, 1950-1051, Charles Shelton, 1951-1951; Candidate Alfred Bennett, 1951-1955; Cnadidate Frank Blain, 1955-1957; Candidate E. G. Simms, 1957-1959; Candidate Emerson Hill, 1960-1961; Candidate Jim Hendricson, 1962- Candidate Don Tabor, 1963; Candidate Keith Atwell, 1968; Candidate Joe Vaught, 1968; Morris Clark, 1969; Bennie Wood, 1974-1978; Dewayne Pounds, 1978-1981; Cecil Huff, 1981-1987; Paul Stone, 1987-1998; Curtis Franklin 1999-