150 Liberty Road, Murray, KY

Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Chruch, located mile off Highway 94 E. on Highway 1346, was organized by William Shelton Hatcher on August 17, 1851, at a meeting in the Liberty schoolhouse in northeastern Calloway County, Kentucky. The first service was cnducted that day in the log schoolhouse.

William Shelton Hatcher, "Uncle Billy" as he was called, was born in Henry Co., Virginia, in 1808, and moved to Calloway Co., Kentucky in 1851. He was well known as a church organizer. He was instrumental in organizing the church at Unity in 1866.

The church session was convened on August 17, 1851, and Bro. C. W. McBride was called to the chair.  W. T. Hatcher was appointed cler and the following members came forward and presented their letters of dismissal and recommendation and were received to wit: William S. Hatcher, L. G. hatcher, Edward Singleton, Martha Singleton, Thompson Rowland, Sarah A. Goodwin, Marcus L. Chrisman, Tabitha Chrisman, Eliza Ayers, John Weatherford, and Abbie Weatherford.

The church was in Obion Presbytery 1851-1852 and in Mayfield Presbytery 1881-1988.

Following its organization in Liberty school, three buildings have housed the Liberty congregation. They first served the congregation for more than 100 years with an extensive remodeling tasking place in 1958. The white frame building was then destroyed by fire on December 12, 1961.

A new brick church structure was built on the same site. While the new brick building was being constructed, meetings were held on Sunday afternoons at other locations. The first service was held in the new building on November 18, 1962, with Rev. Richard Denton bringing the message. Because of generous donations of labor and money, the building was completed and furnished and the church was debt free.

In 1982, restrooms and a Sunday School room were added to the front of the building. Rev. Truman Sanders was full time pastor from Feb. 1977 until his death in March 1983. The church placed a memorial stone outside the doorway in honor of Rev. Sanders.

In 1994, under the leadership of Rev. Don Faulkner, the church began construction of a new sanstuary adjacent to the current building which was converted to a fellowship hall. The first service in the new sanctuary was held on July 2, 1995. The first church member reunion since the church's establishment was held at Liberty on August 5, 1984.

The following have been pastors at the church: William Shelton Hatcher, C. W. McBride, M. D. Jones, Elmus Rudolph, M. D. Jones, S. P. Tucker, O. H. Hardin, Sammy B. Rudolph, E. A. Mathis, R. T. Mitchell, Scott Johnson, Martin Rudolph, Paul Snellgrove, Hugh Kelso, Calvin Mouser, W. Faye Thompson, William Basham, Glenn A. Moore, Richard C. Denton, Howard E. Herndon, Willie E. Marshall, W. Edd Glover, Robert Harold Bates, Truman H. Snaders, Terry Henderson, Grover Lovett, Dwayne Franklin, Don Faulkner, and Gary Vacca.

Elders of the church in 2005: Jim Cochran, Bill Dobbs, Debbie Doran, Lee Furst, Ralph Harris, Kathy Hodge, Richard Lamb, Randy Lawson, and Don Wells.