Members of the Heritage Committee of the Covenant Presbytery wish to thank each one that provided information for our Covenant Presbytery Church Directory.  We have been working many months to get information from all the churches in our Presbytery in order that the Directory will be complete.  We believe the directory will be useful as well as interesting reading.  It is our hope as we learn more about each other our Presbytery will become stronger.

Information on the forming of the Synod of the MidWest and the Covenant Presbytery is found in the 1988 Fall Minutes of the 1st session of the Covenant Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and "The Kentucky Synod Voice" October 1988.  We appreciate Rev. Cortis Hill providing this material.

"On September 16, 1988, in the First Cumberland Presbyterian church of Evansville, Indiana, the Synod of the MidWest was born.  It was formed by merging the Kentucky and North Central Synods."  Covenant Presbytery was composed of former members of Mayfield, Princeton and EMI (Old Illinois) Presbyteries.

"The presbyteries of Mayfield and Princeton with six churches from southern Illinois met in response to a call by Rev. Joseph Butler, appointed convener, for the purpose of fulfilling the mandate of the Synod of the MidWest to form a new presbytery.  The presbyteries met at Margaret Hank Memorial Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Paducah, Kentucky, on November 11, 1988."

One printed copy of the Church Directory has been made available to each congregation at no cost.  Other copies are available through the Heritage Committee at a small cost.

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