1235 Lola Road, Salem, KY

On March 13, 1842, a group of people met and formed themselves into a Cumberland Presbyterian Church to be known as Hopewell. The following paragraph is written on the first page of the oldest session book.

   "We the citizens of the vicinity of Hopewell, Livingston County, Kentucky feeling a deep interest for the promotion of the victorious Kingdom in the world and being pleased with the system of doctrine embraced in the Cumberland Presbyterian Confession of Faith, do agree to form themselves into and constitute a society which is to be know by the name of the Hopewell congregation under the care of the Princeton Presbytery of said church and pray to be supplied with preaching from the same. We so further agree to subject ourselves to the government of this church as exercised in these written statues."

There were thirty-eight to forty-five charter members.  The trustees were William Thompson, Francis Crawford, Jermiah Clemens, Walter Robertson, and G. W. Robertson.  There is no record as to the first pastor.

The first church was built on land, on Deer Creek, deeded to the "trustees" of Hopewell Church by John Jamison. This church burned and a new building was finished in 1886 and torn down in 1957. In 1950, a committee was appointed to locate a building site and to plan a new church building. The building was completed in 1952 on land donated by the Rob Tolley family. The dedication service was held in October 1952 with Rev. Eugene Lindsey leading the service.

In November 1968, a complete remodeling of the church building with additions was started; work was completed in November 1969. In the southeast corner of the building, a jar was placed containing records and the names of the elders. In 1983, the church steeple was constructed and Rev. Cannon donated the enclosed bell.

After recording the organization of the church, the writing in the session book comes to a halt and the next record is March 1852, Rev. Silas Davis was listed as pastor at that time. Rev. William Calhoun Love was listed as pastor in 1854. From 1845 to 1884, there are no records. The Rev. J. B. Lowery and Rev. G. L. Woodruff were pastors during the years 1885 through 1897. At this time, the salary was $100.00 per year. In 1897, J. A. Hill was pastor; 1898-1899, G. L. Woodruff served and 1899-1901, J. R. King was pastor. The following men were listed as pastors during the years 1901-1933: The Revs. J. B. Lowery, W. S. Wright, J. R. King, Sidney McNeely, C. T. Boucher, H. H. Binkley, F. L. McConnel, T. G. Grundy, T. A. Morse, and Lacy Baird. In March of 1934, the Rev. Mrs. Tom Fowler was called. The Revs. C. T. and J. R. King were pastors from 1935-1942. The Rev. J. R. King served as pastor 1943-1945; Rev. Eugene Lindsey 1946-1951; and Rev. Paul Belt 1952-1955.

The Revs. Wendell Ordway, James Moreland, Gay Mims, and Ray Wigginton were pastors 1956-1964. The Revs. Billy Allcock, Everett Hood, Loyd Harris, Martin Rudolph, Walzie Hosick, Chester Cannon, Douglas Hughes, Max Sumrall, David LeNeave served 1956-2003. Rev. Dean Atchison served as pastor from 2003 until his death in 2009.  The congregation is presently served by Candidate Larry Buchanan.

During the years 1956-2003, three members answered the call for ministry: April Watson, Junior Martin, and Chris McDonald. Also during these years an 18 acre parcel of land was purchased, one mile south of the current building on the west side of Highway 133N, Lola, KY, for a future site of a new church building. The land was dedicated on June 1, 2003.