3950 Lovelaceville Road, Paducah, KY

A wooded tract of high land was donated by the G. A. Morrison family for a church. Thus, Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized on November 7, 1874 by Rev. R. J. McLeskey with 13 charter members.

During the first three years of Highland's existence, a brush arbor provided shelter on this high land donated by the Morrison family.
In 1877, at the same location, a frame building was constructed. Highland began a full-time program in October 1934. The first manse was constructed in the early 1940s.

The first elders of Highland were W. A. Lilly, A. J. Griffin, J. A. Morrison, G. A. Morrison, and W. J. Agnew.. A. Morrison, and W. J. Agnew.
Originally, Highland was a part of the nearest Presbytery, which was in Obion, Tennessee. October 8, 1881, Highland became a part of Mayfield Presbytery, Kentucky Synod. Since 1988, Highland has been a part of Covenant Presbytery, Synod of the Midwest.

The educational annex at Highland was built in the mid 1950s, with a new brick sanctuary replacing the 1877 frame structure in 1965. In 1990, a new sanctuary was added to the existing structure. As a result of a thoughtful and God inspired gift by Geneva Warr, Highland added and dedicated a community Outreach Center in 2000.

G. A. Morrison and his family had also set aside a portion of land on Lovelaceville Road for a cemetery. In this burial place, several Highland early fathers have been laid to rest. One of Highland's pastors, Rev. W. T. Milburn, who also organized Milburn Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, is also buried there.

Several young men from the Highland Church family have entered the full time ministry. They are Glen Moore, L. E. Moore, Jr., Terry Maynard, Claire Albright, and Glen Finley.

There have been 33 pastors at Highland with six (6) pastors serving at two different times. These pastors are: R. J. McCleskey - the founding pastor, J. W. King - 2 times, J. E. Edwards, M. T. Bell, J. C. Webb, W. H.  Ward, J. D. Kirkpatrick, M. D. Jones, S. B. Rudolph, J. L. Overly, W. T. Milburn, D. W. Fooks - 2 times, Hugh Watson, A. D. Rudolph - 2 times, S. P. Tucker, Russell Tatum, Joe Gardner, R. T. Mitchell - 2 times, E. A. Mathis, O. E. White, L. C. Kesler, Paul Snellgrove, Willard Murrie, George Sparks, James T. Cooper, Eugene Lindsey - 2 times, Jack W. Ferguson, Allie D. Rudolph, Joe Butler, Roger Reid, Curtis Prewitt - 2 times, Jonathan Watson, Terry Vasseur, Brent Ballow, and current pastor, Bud Russell.

Highland Cumberland Presbyterian Church has Session Minutes that date back to 1948.