4142 Good Springs Road, Fredonia, KY

According to the minutes of the Princeton Presbytery Session meeting held at Bethlehem Church in March of 1893, the following petition was received and granted:

March 30, 1893      We, the undersigned members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, living about Good Spring Church, most heartily desire an organization of a Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Good Springs, Ky., and hereby express our willingness to go into such an organization, and pledge our support of the gospel.

Charter members were: A. J. Tosh, M.A. Tosh, M. P. Tosh, J. B. Tosh, Bethel Nelson, William Gill, A. W. Harper, Polly A. Harper, Ida F. Harper, Minnie C. Beavers, Sarah J. Tosh, Lucy J. Dalton, Minnie B. Dalton, Enoch M. Norman, Meacha Norman, Nancy Mattie Norman, Meacha J. Rogers, Mollie Beavers, and Eliza Stone. Rev. M. E. Chappel, Rev. G. L. Woodruff, and Rev. J. F. Price were appointed to organize said church. A. J. Tosh and H. G. Moore were ordained ruling elders of the new church.

The church was built on land donated by the Tinsley heirs in 1893. The name Good Springs originated from a free flowing spring that comes out from the side of a hill. The church is located on a county road that stretches from Crider on Highway 91 South to Highway 70 to the Flatrock Road.

In 1908, the church building burned and another one was built, which also burned April, 1909. A new building was erected further down the creek than the other structures and was dedicated May 29, 1910. In 1910, the church records show five elders, 76 members, and 149 in Sunday School. In 1952, the building was remodeled. In 1974, Sunday School rooms were added to the back of the church. In a session meeting Jan. 10, 1986, a building and planning committee began plans for a new modern church building. Elders Alfred Harper, Cobb Green, and Frank Beavers were on the committee. The new church was completed July 1986. Dedication was held Aug. 10, 1986, with Rev. James H. Jones and Rev. J. C. Womack in charge of the service.

Some of the material from the old church was used by Alfred Harper to make a cross, which hangs above the pulpit in the new church. Jonie Harper Rowland also used some of the wood to frame the picture of the Last Supper, which hangs behind the choir loft.

Rev. G. L. Woodruff was the first pastor at Good Spring and held that position until 1897. From 1897 until 1909, the church did not have a regular pastor, but during this time, there were some wonderful meetings conducted by Rev. Amsy Moore, Rev. C. T. Boucher, and others. In September 1985, full-time church services were resumed with the Rev. James H. Jones of Marion as pastor. Pastors are as follows:
O. D. Spence, 1909-1914; F. L. McDowell, 1915-1921; J. R. King, 1921-1924, 1927-1929; t. A. Morse, 1924-1926; C. T. Boucher, 1926-1927, 1933-1936, 1938-1944; Ray Wigginton, 1930-1933; G. F. Carter, 1936-1937; A. R. Pool, 1937-1938; W. W. Rutherford, 1944-1949; Guy Moore, 1950-1953; Charles Faith, 1953-1954; Jimmie Hunter, 1954-1956; Howard Escue, 1956-1965; Authur Carter, 1965-1971; Bill Perkins, 1971-1073; Dwayne Franklin, 1973-1976; James H. Jones, 1976-1991; William H. Pettit, 1992-20--; Ray Board, 20-- - present.