9355 Lafayette Rd, Herndon, KY

The Flat Lick Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located eight miles south of Hopkinsville, KY on State Route 107. The early church, a log structure, located in Trigg county was moved from Red Hill at the edge of Flat Lick swamp near LaFayette, KY.  On July 20, 1872, Rev. Israel Green Joiner, Rev. Reeves and four elders present voted to build a new church.  Later in the spring of 1922, the old church was rolled aside and a new building erected.  The dedication service was held on the fourth Sunday of November 1922.  Rev. F. L. McDowell was the pastor and continued until his death in March 1940.  The church session called Rev. W. W. Rutherford as pastor in June 1940.

The next two years was probably the darkest period for the church members.  In July 1941, a site for a U.S. Army Post, known today as Fort Campbell, was selected on the Kentucky Tennessee border.  This meant a mass movement of many people, building and cemeteries from two states.  Land for a new cemetery was purchased, located on Highway107.  The church building was moved on an adjoining lot to the cemetery on Highway 107 in Christian County.  Since the church has been relocated, there have been many changes and improvements in the building over the years.  One improvement is a large annex to the Sanctuary that was built with Pastor's Study and Office, kitchen, restrooms, and fellowship hall.

In April 1962, Rev. Eugene Lindsey became pastor of the church.  The following year a lot was purchased and a manse built for the minister and family.

Since 1986, the Flat Lick Church has paved the parking lot and drives at the church.  The sanctuary has been remodeled/redecorated and new educational facilities added.  Children's church has been added to the worship service and new emphasis has been placed on the children and youth of the church.  Plans for the future include an all purpose activities building.

Rev. Israel G. Joiner served many years as pastor at different intervals, probably eleven years being his longest term.  Others who served as pastors are Rev. S. M. Griffin, N. I. Bagwell, J. A. Dorris, W. R. M. Crump, N. C. Leeper, J.R. King, E. T. Boucher, F. I. McDowell, W. W. Rutherford, Ray Wigginton, Z. F. Tucker, Eugene Lindsey, Robert Johnson, J. P. Thornton, Uel Phelps, and Robert Dixon.

The first presbytery to meet with Flat Lick church that is recorded was October 1908, and the church has been host to presbytery in the years 1925, 1935, 1945, 1953, 1965, 1971, 1974, and 1979.

Rev. Z. F. Tucker served as pastor from January 1955 through March 1962.  During the 50s a Cumberland Presbyterian Women's organization, Youth Fellowship, and Vacation church school were instituted.

The church purchased a 5.5 acre lot adjacent to the church and was able to pay one half the cost in the year 2001.