Kentucky Highway 58, Benton, KY

The members of the original steering committee selected to guide the formation of the Benton Cumberland Presbyterian Church were Mrs. Brown King, Woodrow Futrell, Ted Dobson, and James Overby with Rev. Courtney Fooks giving pastoral leadership.  The land on which the church would later stand was purchased from Homer Soloman on September 14, 1969, at cost of $6,000.
On January 23, 1972, the Steering Committee met to discuss securing a loan and contacting a contractor to build the first unit of the building.  It was the fellowship hall, to be used for all services and activities until a sanctuary could be built later.  Bro. Harold Bates was the pastor at this time.

On March 19, 1972, a motion prevailed to enter into a contract with Boyd Bros. Construction Co. to build the Fellowship Hall which is still in use today.  The cost at that time was $15,000.  Boyd Bros. was paid $6,500 and the balance of $8,500 was borrowed from the Bank of Benton.

The first services held in the new building were on July 23, 1972.  This was the opening of our revival lasting six nights.  There were 27, 34, 32, 23, and 63 present during that week.  Bro. Dewayne Franklin held the revival for us.

On October 15, 1977, Charles Fennel and Wayne Elliott met with members of Mayfield Presbytery for the purpose of changing the status of the Mission to that of a church.  On November 27, 1977, the Benton Cumberland Presbyterian Church was officially organized.  Elders elected were R. L. (Ted) Dobson, Wayne Elliott, and Charles Fennel.  We had 18 Charter Members and Bro. William Peck was pastor.
The list of charter members included: R. L. and Helen Dobson, C. C. Wedding, Lalah Wedding, Beulah Mathis, Charles B. and Audaine Fennel, Michele Fennel Shearer, Wayne, Hazel, and Trent Elliott, Nelle De Meyerm, Eva B. King, Julia Slaughter, Grace Jones, Danny Green, Jerry and Jimmy Lynn Sims.

The dream of a sanctuary of our own originated during the pastorate of Rev. Courtney Fooks.  Under the dedicated leadership of Rev. Charles Westfall and Elders Wayne Elliott, R. L. (Ted) Dobson, Charles Fennel and Woodrow Futrell, this beautiful building on the corner of Mayfield Hwy. and West Oaks was built in 1983.  The first Worship Service in the new Sanctuary was November 13, 1983 and it was dedicated in the spring of 1984.