2 Kingston Road, Water Valley, KY

Bayou de Chien Church is located two and one half miles east of Water Valley in Graves County, Kentucky.  The church was founded 50 years after the founding of our nation.  The church was organized in the home of Mrs. Elizabeth McCallister Hughes Fonville with her brother-in-law, Joseph S. Hughes, being ordained a ruling elder that year.  The country there about was sparsely settled in the early years and there is no other record of the church until 1831 when it is thought that it was re-organized.  The following names are shown as the ones who joined at that time: Dr. R. D. Lockridge and his wife, Joseph Hughes and his wife, Rhonda.  The following year, 1832, Dr. Lockridge was ordained an elder and served as Clerk of the session until 1876.

The church took its name from the stream that flowed near it by that name.  The French traders in the community named the stream and it has been spelled many different ways through the years.

Throughout the history of the church, there have been a total of three buildings, all within a one-half mile area.  Mrs. Fonville and her husband gave the land for the first church building, a log church that was used until 1866.  At that time a frame structure was erected in 1900 at a cost of $1,417.92.  Today the church and property is estimated at $200,000.  According to the church records, the church was $185.82 in debt on the building after it was completed and the money had to be borrowed. 

During the War Between the states there was a Confederate Army encamped in the community.  This camp was called Camp Beauregard.  While they were there, an epidemic of the measles swept the camp caused the death of a large number of soldiers.  It is said that the Bayou de Chien church was used as a hospital for the sick soldiers.  A community graveyard with many confederate soldiers graves is now located near the church and is still called Camp Beauregard.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy erected a huge monument there in memory of the Confederate soldiers who died there.

There is no complete list of names of ministers who have served the congregation at Bayou de Chien but some who have served are: Levi Calvert, Charlie Hoy, E. E. Mitchner, John W. Ward, F. E. Roberts, Jess Edwards, J. H. W. Jones, J. G. Webb, C. H. Kennedy, J. D. Kirkpatrick, D. W. Fooks, W. H. McClosky, H. T. Crow, M. D. Jones, W. S. Wright, A. D. Rudolph, J. Will Howell, S. B. Rudolph, S. P. Tucker, O. A. Gardner, G. E. Danley, Ethel Rudolph, Lettie Clemens, C. C. Clemens, James Kelso, Eugene Lindsey, E. A. Mathis, Martin Rudolph, L. E. Moore, James Lawson, Terry Vasseur, Danny Potts. Kenneth Richards has been the pastor since September of 2011.

We pray that as a Church we will always seek to be a hospital for sinners rather than a museum for saints.